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Darling Dasies

While many of us are still experiencing the last bits of chilly weather, there's no doubt that Spring is upon us and dazzling us with beautiful colors, a marvelous bouquet of aromas and the sounds of life all around. With such a joyful back drop, it seems only right to hone in on one of the season's most cheerful blooms - DAISIES!

Daisies come in a variety of colors, and a lovely to behold. From a magical perspective, they are used in love spells and are feminine in nature with Venus as their ruler. Venus, ruler of Libra and Taurus, likes to bless all under her rule both materially as well as emotionally. She is all about the beautiful things in life, and acquiring what she wants! Like love, daisies can be a bit deceptive in nature, as they are poisonous if ingested ESPECIALLY PETS! The comparison is made because love, at times, isn't always as it seems (it can STING!), and should be treated with the utmost care and respect. Placed under the water element, these flowers can tap into the deepest of emotions on both the surface and subconscious levels. Daises are used to ensnare lovers and "come hither" spells (remember - VENUS!), but in my personal experience, I've found that daisies can be quite useful when repairing the love between feuding friends, but WHITE daisies were used for this purpose. For this, the flowers were either worn or given by the friend seeking reconciliation. It is important to note that when performing any love spell, the practitioner should ALWAYS have the PERMISSION of the participant(s) involved, as to remain neutral and clear on a karmic level.

For the Purposes of this blog, Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs was consulted, along with my own personal experience.

Stay tuned for the next topic - ALOE!


Love and Lessons-


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