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10 ChosenEyes Austin TX Tarot

ChosenEyes is a teacher, creator, and truth-teller with over 20 years of professional experience as a psychic-medium. Organizing and executing such courses as Magikal Ethics, a brief introduction into the world of Magick and the responsibility assumed by the practitioner, and Learning Tarot for Beginners, ChosenEyes has the capability to share her knowledge with witches of all backgrounds. 


ChosenEyes empowers through compassion and helps clients find ways to reach their fullest potential by way of spiritual commitment and enlightenment.

 ChosenEyes works diligently to transcend the negative stereotypes surrounding black witches in the mainstream media, and society at large, by speaking openly about her gifts, sharing her powers with those who seek answers, and inspiring other young women to pursue their passions unapologetically.

She was nominated for the Austin Chronicle Best of 2018 & 2019 award in the category of "Psychic/Tarot."

ChosenEyes launched her Patreon account, The Pupil, in January 2019, designed to help patrons learn, grow, and manifest, using herbal remedies, crystal prescriptions, tarotscopes, and other forms of healing through magick and practicality.

As of January 2021, she serves on the Board of Directors for Hearts 2 Heal, an Austin-based nonprofit designed to increase peer support with workers of color, as well as eliminate disparities and stigma. You can also follow her on-going collaboration with the ATX Artist Social Live Podcast!


Follow me on Instagram: @choseneyes9

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