"It isn't often I meet people as in-tune and accurate with their psychic gifts as ChosenEyes. She's truly one-of-a-kind. The very first reading I had with her, she gave me insight into things that would go on to happen years later. Whether you're seeking spiritual guidance, interested in delving into the wonderful world of magick, or just need a third party to help you understand a particular life event, ChosenEyes is the dedicated, responsible, understanding magickal practitioner for you. Seriously. She's amazing." - BETHANY S

"ChosenEyes is truly on point. I purchased a house and new I had a diamond in the rough, but still felt like some cleansing needed to be done. I let her know the issues and due to my busy schedule, I sent a video of the empty house.  ChosenEyes was able to connect with the spirits and cleanse the space.  The process took roughly a month and a strict regimen was developed to make sure things would become permanent.  I can say that over a year later I don't feel the negativity in the air and I continue to utilize some of the tools provided to keep the space positive and safe for my friends and family." - KM

"I've been trading readings with ChosenEyes for almost ten years... She is truly gifted, and the first person I call when I need some advice! I definitely recommend this lovely lady." -- CASEY L

"It was so great to meet ChosenEyes at this Sunday's Tarot class. It was refreshing to have such a down to earth instructor. She has also revitalized my desire to learn more, so I hope she can organize the minor arcana class. I would love to know more about her personal interpretations and experience with tarot. It helps to really open my eyes to more perspectives."


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