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...But back to you


Yep -- I’m a doctor, mom, wife, educator, sci-fi fan and yes, a PSYCHIC-MEDIUM! I’m an oddball with a medical degree on a mission to remind you that you’re already dope - we just need to tighten it up a bit! I grew up feeling as if my voice didn’t matter; more specifically that using my voice was unsafe. With this platform, my mission is to help you recover and hear your voice in a world so deafeningly loud. My job is to bring you back to Y.O.U.U. (Your Own Unique Universe), and to help you maintain said even when the world imposes its demands. I don’t make promises; anyone can do that! What I offer is a genuine commitment to YOU of guidance of the higher self, mentorship and compassion as we navigate your journey through the multiverse. The steps outlined are applicable and adaptable to any phase and area of life; I should know -- they got ME to YOU! Everything that I’m sharing in this program is the mindset and roadmap that guided me through rebuilding after 2 natural disasters, rebounding after a job layoff, motherhood and marriage during medical school and launching a successful business.

13 ChosenEyes Austin TX Spiritual Speake

Photos by @theeyeofewing

Where are YOU right now?

YOU refers to the higher self with the wisdom to blaze trails, yet gets shackled by the confines of modern life. We live in a world that asks us to show up for the world outside, but what version of US is present: YOU from your childhood traumas? The college athlete living it up? YOU stuck in traffic 5minutes ago? The disappointed version that won’t allow you to see anything beyond your failures?


What if you could learn to have YOU all the time? If you’re looking for the ability to anchor into YOUrself and while showing up in the chaos of the world, this course is designed just for you!  Allow me to be your guide through the trenches back to YOU!


Gaze Adjustment: Manifestation for O.D.D.B.A.L.L.S.

This class is a 3 day intensive master class designed to blend the worlds of magick and medicine, grounding you in your multiverse.

Red Flowers

...But back to Y.O.U.

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with Dr. L (60min each)

  • Digital Workbook

  • Access to private FB community group

  • 15% discount on other courses offered during 3mos period

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