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Molting In March

It's March!!! With the Spring Equinox approaching, it's always a good time to center, reflect but most importantly PURGE!!! As we leave winter winter behind, it's important to utilize the Spring's energy to rejuvinate and sow new seeds of wellness, opportunity and growth. As humans, we tend to take the natural world for granted, ignoring its' energy and thereby neglecting symbiotic relationship we have. A perfect way to reconnect with the earth (on a budget!) is to incorporate fresh flowers in your ambiance. Fresh flowers are easliy found in abundance in grocery stores, gardens, parks or on apartment balconies. (Note: please DO NOT take flowers from a source not your own without permission. I know we're all adults, but ...well, you get the picture :)!) Let's get started with our flower of the week - CARNATIONS!!!

Carnations (Dianthus Carophyllus) is a bloom native to Eurasia. It's planetary governor is the Sun and it is masculine in nature. Carnations are ruled by the element of fire, with Jupiter as their deity. Powerful in the areas of protection, healing and promoting strength, these beauties are used quite often in healing rituals as well as warding spells. With Jupiter as their ruler, carnations are great at EXPANDING and broadinging whatever they are in contact with, as this holds true to Jupiterian energy. They are a wonderful catalyst for opening the door for whatever you need. As such, this is a good plant for, but are not limited to, the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces (Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces). As they come in various colors and are quite inexpensive, carnations are a great addition to any vibrational arsenal. Enjoy a fresh bouquet near your bed, in your window, office or plant them around the home. I frequently wear them in my hair during warmer months, as i find they help promote a more cheerful and flirtatious mood ;). Carnations can be used dried and carried in sachets to ward off negativity, burned as incense and used as potpouri on carperts and floors for similar purposes. Here are a few uses for common colors:

Red -- great for promoting passion, love and strength.

White -- wonderful for purifying areas, protection and promoting peace, helaing as well

Pink -- love and bonds among friends and family

Should you need any other color variation, FRET NOT! Here's a quick and CHEAP solution!!

Place one (or desired quantity) carnation(s) in a glass of water. Procure another glass of fresh water and place 2-5 drops of food coloring in this glass of water. Mix until diluted. Place carnations in colored water (stem in water, not blooms in :)! ) and leave over night. Within a day or two you should have gorgeous carnations with the color of your choosing! GET CREATIVE WITH THE COLORS! Colors vibrate on various frequencies, and the same holds true for us. When we sync vibrations with the exterior world, we allow they best of what nature has to offer to flow within and though us, thereby allowing us to do the same in return.

As always, Keep your gazes forward!

Love and lessons!

In referencing and researching materials for this post, I utilized Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs , Pure Magic (pp. 42-44) by Judika Illes and an article by Dayna Winters.

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