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From Jul 2, 2024- Dec 7, 2024 the beautiful planet of dreams, intuition, illusion and creativity, Neptune, will be retrograde. During this time, be mindful of your dream world and don’t allow your earthly eyes to deceive you! Ask yourself if there are any aspects in your day-to-day life that you may be naively or idealistically traversing: are you needing to be a tad more realistic in your love life? How’s your spending? Do you really need that new thing in your Amazon cart? Is that friend really offering a helpful critique, or have you perhaps been a bit over-permissive when it comes to boundaries? 

Gazing through a medical astrological lens, Neptune moving into the sign of Pisces, body zones impacted are zone 12 (Pisces) and zone 6 (Virgo). Zone 12, ruled by Pisces, controls the feet, toes, extracellular matrix + cellular hydration, and sleep cycles, to name a few. Zone 6, home to Virgo, is in charge of many aspects of digestive health (especially intestinal health), immune function as well as sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems. We should pay close attention to these zones as 1) Their shared polarities play off of one another's functions. 2) As refining one’s views of self and perceived reality are forms of purging, purging cycles can be disruptive to all cellular cycles, especially sleep! Almost all bodily functions involved in purging/releasing and cleansing are linked here and should be supported during this period. Consider hydrating with coconut water and aloe (especially if you are in hotter, more arid climates), adding a probiotic to your supplements, supporting your body with cool and warm temperatures rather than extremes, taking walks rather than harder forms of cardio to support feet and toes while keeping good gut motility and asking your healthcare provider about blood work or supplements that support your cellular matrix (i.e. trace minerals such as selenium, iron, iodine, manganese, copper and such). 

Additionally, Saturn is retrograde (June 29 - Nov 15, 2024) and in a void (think dark bunker, waiting for the course to clear) between Aquarius and Pisces for a bit. As the planet also known as “father time” takes its sweet time migrating from Pisces to Aquarius, things may feel slowed, delayed, and compounded. However, don’t be fooled, as this energy is here to help you stand your ground! While things are slowed and a bit frozen, the stillness is there to help you realize and reassess what has actually been working against you for some time and to compound and store potential energy for future use. Additionally, you may even feel as if time itself is “riding your a$$”, lol, or that you are being micromanaged in some capacity by the cosmos. This is a period forcing you to see beyond the facade of things and your delusions of choosing; we all tend to lie to ourselves from time to time. During this time, areas of your chart may feel a bit “attacked” by the planet of karma and BOUNDARIES! Aquarian-heavy energy will be asked to truly redefine what boundaries mean to them from a standpoint dealing less with productivity, but more with SUSTAINABILITY. Pisces is being asked to speak up and set firm boundaries in an attempt to protect their heart space and speak truth to power. In general, this is not a time that will allow gaslighting in any form, but especially emotionally. 

In medical astrology, Aquarius rules body zone 11: Ankles, shins, blood quality, nervous/electrical system of the body, and “fringe”/rare diagnoses. It's polar opposite, Leo, rules body zone 5: the heart (and matters of said), aorta, gallbladder, spine and spinal muscles, and bodily alignment. Early, we mentioned the roles of Pisces and Virgo, and this influence holds here as well. Adding in the polarities of Aquarius and Leo, we begin to see that the upheaval felt by many will be profound; If ever there were a time for unearthing and breaking generational cycles and laying down burdens… THIS! IS! IT! Leo energies ask you to stand firm and to have courage in the face of dismantlement, knowing that your heart is not capable of charting a course that is off-center. In short, “Do you have the gall to stand for what and who you TRULY are?” Aquarius asks you to trust that perhaps neither the proper diagnosis nor remedy may exist for the present circumstance(s) currently BY NAME, but if you dig deep enough and trust your inner knowing, ancestral guides, and the wisdom around you, your answers will swarm towards you without haste in your darkest times of need. During his time, utilize tools from Pisces-Virgo, and support Aquarius-Leo by doing Yin Yoga, practicing intuitive eating, fasting from preservatives and refined foods when possible, BREATHE DEEPLY, playing and finding humor in the follies of life, asking your body what is may need from you as a source of support, and pay attention to swelling and inflammation in the body. 

Questions to consider: 

  • Who are you when all you thought you knew to be true of yourself or others is stripped away? 

  • Are you capable of being and sustaining this version of yourself?

  • When you made the decisions in question, did you blind yourself to possible truths?

  • In what areas of your life are you most impressionable? Tighten up for future safety.

If you’re able to lean into these lessons and look deeply within without shame, judgment or resentment you will find that the latter parts of 2024 and beyond will be smoother and feel freakishly easy! Use this energy to channel pain into passion, seek answers through hard questions, mourn that which can no longer be while accepting it has long served its purpose and embrace that you are more than the facade-cocoon you of which you have been swaddled (knowingly or unknowingly). Allow things to fall in their respective directions: off, out, on, away… just let it fall! At the end of the day, you’ll know what to do with the pieces and your steps moving forward.


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